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Vivian Yi Bin Shou-Litman A.P. • Acupuncture Physician • TCM / CM • 7000 SW 62nd Ave • Suite 200C • South Miami, FL 33143 • Tel: 305-772-4386 Citysearch is a registered trademark of Bluefoot Ventures Inc., and is used under license. © 2010 Citysearch.com. All rights reserved. ©2010 MapQuest Inc. Map data ©2010 NAVTEQ. "A Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician and a National Board certified Diplomate in. You can also try contacting a Miami Acupuncture professional to ask for a consultation or. Find Acupuncture in Miami FL, find business addresses, phone numbers, reviews, maps, and driving directions in Miami FL. Acupuncture, Massage , Weight Management, & Weight Loss in Miami, Fl. Let us help you rediscover your balance, abundant energy and a radiant you!.



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