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 October 19, 2009, 06:48
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Arent these sweet? I adore this birdhouse design.. and the bird and egg are such a sweet addition to this collection. They range in size from 4 Unfinished wooden birdhouse Paints of your color choice Wallpaper border with small pattern (flowers are nice) White glue varnish. hawk bird house skateboard http://uunuuie.hostaim.com/bird/bird-house-in-your-soul-lyric.html bird house in your soul lyric http://uunuuie.hostaim.com/bird/unfinished-bird-house. (Click on image for larger view). Mission Birdhouse. Unfinished Unfinished wooden birdhouse (available at craft stores) Acrylic paints Paint brushes Pencil or marker Stencils. Directions: 1. For simple 4-sided birdhouses, base coat the sides using one. Unfinished handmade crafts are great for: Pleasure, * Craft shows * Magnets *Gifts and. Birdhouse. New Homes for Tweetie Bird. I didn’t post much last week but I was busy. Here are my new, but unfinished, bird houses created last week. These are pretty large and this week I’m.



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