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Raw Brazil Nuts (No Shell) Another naturally healthy nut, Brazil Nuts are high in protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and are one of the best natural dietary sources of selenium. Pecan , Almond, Hazel, Walnut, Brazil nut, Cashew, Pistachio Last Updated: Feb 11, 2010. We seek Full automated line of machines to process raw cashew nut in shell. can you send me. Large seed capsule and seeds of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa. Left: A cashew "nut" attached to its swollen stalk (pedicel). The shell of the "nut" contains the poison oak. Three-sided tropical American nut with white oily meat and hard brown shell - brazil. Derived forms: brazil nuts. Type of: edible nut, nut, nut tree. Part of: Bertholletia, genus Bertholletia Inside the fragile outer shell of the fruit is a tough and fibrous inner shell about 1. While most of the Brazil nut production comes from Brazil there is production in Bolivia.



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