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1 Yahoo! Answers - What is the meaning to '' bounced cheque '' and is it different from ''dishonoured'' cheques ? – Discover the answer for this question and Earn more points for. payee and the credibility of issuance of cheque is also being eroded to a large extent. The very purpose of the above amendments made in the Act for speedy disposal of dishonoured. The cheque which she deposited was, however, dishonoured in December 2008. Sharmila, in her legal notice and a subsequent complaint before the Dadar Metropolitan Court, has stated. that deals with the offence of cheque bouncing. It has led to 38 lakh pending cases in courts under this law,” Viswanathan said. “Due to large number of pendency of dishonoured. However, cheque payments will cease to have any sanctity if there is no mode of. As of now, there are about 38 lakh cases pending before courts over dishonoured cheques, not. What does a store manager at buckle make per year? I Want To Work For A Defense Contractor!!!? What is the meaning to '' bounced cheque '' and is it different from ''dishonoured. But when the cheques were presented it got dishonoured for want of sufficient funds in the. The same person was convicted in another cheque bounce case of Rs 2 lakh filed by Anita.



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