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Custom Candle Labels There is a lot more to a candle’s label than meets the eye. Although it may not cost much, the label is a very important to the customers sub conscious, if. Custom printed labels for private label products, spa labels, reed diffuser labels, candle labels, personalized self-stick labels, custom printed personalized gift tags priced for. Make your candle products stand out with full color digital custom candle labels. Digital candle labels will attract attention and enhance your product packaging. Learn more and. Private Label candles and custom candles. Targeting medium to large retailers that want a customized candle with store label branding. Cost effective digital labels for food labels, wine bottle labels, candle labels and custom product labels with digital labels from Labels West. Fast, competitive & quick! Use Custom printed labels for your bottled & boxed products, candle labels, your personalized stickers, special event tags & more. Stick them on folded card stock to create very. Lets Get Lit Candles #1 recycled bottle company in the world recycled bottle candles liquor bottle candles beer bottle candles gel candles Lets Get Lit Candles, Inc. Green Business.



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