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If you buy sweet corn from a man named Sweet, you figure The Taste Will Tell It's Sweet. It's all a thing of perception, says Gary Sweet, owner and operator of Sweet's Gourmet. Scott's Zellwood Sweet Gourmet Corn. Scott's Country Market will open for the Spring season on May 1, 2010. Come on out and enjoy Farm Fresh Local Produce!! to hear how everyone else likes their sweet corn. If you are interested in some tips on picking out your sweet corn and cooking it, check out this article on the Reluctant Gourmet. Kroger Great Lakes Division has premium pick of the season with 'Olathe Sweet' sweet corn. If your corn is very fresh and sweet, you really only need to steam it long enough to heat it.. THE RELUCTANT GOURMET™ Need to email me? Copyright © 1997 - 2009 The Reluctant. Corn ice cream is a pretty delicious alternative to picking fresh corn and eating it as fast as you can. All about corn: what it is, why it's good for you, and more from Dr. Gourmet. in cooking in most recipes today, however, is referred to as sweet corn.



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