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Tabata USA, Inc. - NEW : Fins. All Content © TUSA, All Rights Reserved. Tusa Liberator X Ten Fins | Tusa Adjustable Scuba Fins | The Tusa Liberator X-10 Fins use a Non-Vented hyrodynamic design for maximum propulsion. Balanced Flexibility gives. The Personal FUN Center for All Your Scuba Diving & Snorkeli. TUSA X-pert Zoom FinsInnovative hydrofoil design that produces forward motion (lift) with less effort. New age elastic material with rigid reinforced double layered construction. The RIFFE Silent Hunter fins offer better spring action and ease while swimming through the water developing more forward thrust with less effort. TUSA Dive Masks - Masks Fins Snorkels Products, Tusa Dive and snorkel masks. Accessory Essentials Tusa Liberator X-Ten Scuba Fins - SALE - Swim Fins.



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