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Tango II Subaru Subaru EJ22 - Garrett T-3 Turbo Conversion 1. Removed from car, stripped down to bare engine and new Stainless to look like the front of an airplane NSI has Subaru conversions and controllable-pitch propellers. They sell "firewall forward" conversions for a number of airplanes. Subaru engines - Link to an EAA how-to article Producing firewall forward engine packages based on a Subaru automotive engine conversion. Eggenfellner Aircraft Engines sells Subaru conversion and PSRUs; Flybug Special Enterprises plans. There are many tables listing every engine ever put in an airplane with all. Aircraft Engines for Sale. Used Aircraft Engine, Airplanes Engines. aircraft engines aircraft engine for sale mark lycoming rotary Subaru diesel [Archive] Discuss using Subaru engines in bodies that aren't. This is a archived copy of the thread for search engines! another airplane page covering ea71! + 1999 DOHC EJ25. This year Subaru of America, Inc. celebrates. Dead and Jefferson Airplane, to. Powered by a two-cylinder, two-stroke, 22-horsepower engine



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