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The German Northern Renaissance painter Ambrosius Holbein ( 1494 - 1519 ). Born in Augsburg. The Elder son of the famous painter Hans Holbein the Elder. Andrew Pettegree charts Hans Holbein’s path from Germany to England and points to the ironies of his reputation as a great Protestant painter. Hans Holbein the Younger: Painter at the Court of Henry VIII by Stephanie Buck, Jochen Sander. Thames & Hudson, 2004. Hans Holbein: Paintings, Prints, and Reception by Mark. In 1532 Holbein went to England for the second time and remained there, becoming court painter to Henry and portraying many of the courtiers - and queens - who came within the. In 1539, when Henry was thinking of marrying Anne of Cleves, he sent Holbein to paint her portrait. In 1543 Holbein was in London working on another portrait of the king when he. Art supply and art supplies online at discount prices! 1000's of items from acrylic to oils, or canvas to brushes. Art supplies at discounted prices everyday.



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