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Bolt action single barrel. Sales 0800 587 2823 Tel 01293 825556 Fax: 0870 762 1938 email: info@abaclays.com CLASSIC SINGLE SHOT RIFLES OF THE PLAINS. Every Navy Arms reproduction features a 34" medium weight octagonal barrel, globe target front sight, match grade rear tang sight, shotgun. After the war, two short runs of single-barrel 12-bore shotguns were produced, but the company did not re-enter this market again until the mid-1960s, producing shotguns of various. 20g Fully Moderated Over & Under Hushpower Investarm Shotgun Weight: 7.25lbs, Barrel 33", Overall. The Single barrel 12g Hushpowers. Full choke 45 Db at firing point and usually. There is no explanation for the enjoyment in using a modern reproduction black powder gun.



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