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News stories about Stephen Hester.. The latest news, pictures and information related to Stephen Hester published by London's Evening Standard newspaper. Profile: Stephen Hester - SO, WHAT do you give the man who has everything? If his name is Stephen Hester, the boss of RBS, the answer is easy: £9.7 million. That's the payout the. Sign up for Facebook to connect with Stephen Hester. Name Fiscal Year Total; Hampton, Philip: 700,000: Hester, Stephen: 1,227,000: Hartzer, Brian--Sullivan, Chris--Hourican, John--Alemany, Ellen--. The announcement of a £9.3million pay deal for the boss of a publicly owned bank is depressing evidence that it is bad business as usual in the City. Stephen Hester has come a long way since his first job - packing Polos at the Rowntree's sweet factory in York.



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