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Learn about Breast Cyst Ultrasound - Rebecca, 38, from Los Angeles, California found a cyst in her breast. Dr. Funk performs an ultrasound and determines whether Rebecca’s cyst. Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacs that are lined by tissue and found within the breast. A female can have multiple breast cysts. Book List for Women with Breast Cysts. Recommended Book Reading List for Breast Cyst Patients The Science of Hormone Disrupters. Cyst (Breast) - Read health articles on various health related topics. Wide collection of health articles on different topics Finding cysts on the breast: causes, symptoms, treatment.. Breast Cyst Found on a Mammogram Frederick R. Jelovsek MD. I just had a mammo, and had to go back for another one and. BREAST CYST (Adolescent Female) Breast cysts in adolescent females may be due to the same causes as those in more adult females and include galactocele. Breast cyst aspiration is a procedure that is done in the office with minimal pain or discomfort. This procedure is done when a woman, Dr. Strobel or Sandra finds a lump in a breast



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