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Note the type of chocolate the dog ate, how much chocolate was eaten and approximately when. If your dog doesn't eat enough chocolate to induce toxicity, but is vomiting (without. Will Chocolate Really Poison Your Dog? The answer is a qualified yes. . Baking chocolate 390mg/oz (1365 mg/100gm): toxic dose for 50 lb dog - 5 oz of baking chocolate Thus a dog eating one oz of baking chocolate would have to eat almost 3 oz of. My dog ate chocolate! You should call your vet or the ASPCA poison hotline for advice on dog chocolate poisoning. Be prepared to tell them what kind of chocolate the dog ate. Dogs eating chocolate has never been a big concern for the average dog owner, including myself. But that is only because people like me are not aware of the danger of dogs eating. Dogs and chocolate. I've been told since I was a little TEEN that if my dog ate chocolate, it would kill him. Is it really true? Or is it along the same lines as, "If you eat a.



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