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"Feed maize" is being used increasingly for heating; [citation needed] specialized corn stoves (similar to wood stoves) are available and use either feed maize or wood pellets to. Corn gluten feed (CGF) is a co-product from the wet-corn milling industry that manufactures starch, sweeteners, syrup, and oil from corn (Weigel et al). Flint River Feed 10 Camp Norwesca Road, Chadron, Nebraska 69337 (308) 432-0478 - Fax: (308) 432-0478 tracy@flintriverfeed.com ingredients101.com P.O. Box 420, Grafton, WI 53024 262-375-9111 All National Grain & Feed Association Trade Rules Apply Types of Feed Currently Traded: 50% CORN 50% BARLEY BLEND. .60% CORN 40% BARLEY BLEND. .70% CORN 30% BARLEY BLEND. . 75% CORN 25% BARLEY BLEND. .80% CORN 20% BARLEY.



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